Can I get an ELi5 on the different Rod Types and their main uses?

February 22, 2022

You’ve got Spinning, Telescopic, Match, Casting, Feeder, Bottom, Carp, and Spod. Unless I’m completely oblivious, I don’t think I see an explaination for what they all do. Have an idea for a project that will add value for arXiv’s community? Do you navigate arXiv using a screen reader or other assistive technology? Please consider signing up to share your insights as we work to make arXiv even more open. The features with the largest feature importance are definitely the most important features. Each result in that array of arrays is the change in score when a feature is shuffled to random noise. After you’ve run, your perm object has a number of attributes containing the full results, which are listed in the eli5 reference docs. Firstly, the high-level show_weights function is not the best way to report results and importances. For example, if you’re creating a single website for yourself or your small business, a traditional CMS will likely suffice.
We have given name of convolution layer to layer parameter of explain_prediction() function. In this section, we have explained how we can use Grad-CAM algorithm available from Eli5 to explain predictions. The Grad-CAM algorithm returns a heatmap that can be overlayed over our original image to show which parts of the image are contributing to the prediction. If you create a ‘percent_change’ column as suggested above, you’ll find that the percentages probably won’t sum to 100%, even if ignoring negative values. A negative result means the accuracy actually improved relative to the baseline when the feature was removed. It is definitely a good idea to remove features with negative feature importances. A headless infrastructure creates a custom framework for organizing your content types and how they relate to each other.

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As a remedy, Content Management Systems came into place, with the purpose to allow its users to create and edit content on a website without any knowledge of code whatsoever. Explain like I’m 5 comes from the popular concept that if you really know something well, you can explain it simply, so a five year old can understand. I’ll try to do an ELI5 about Slowly Changing Dimension to prove I know it well. Also, this post has the added benefit of preparing study material for five year olds who want to become data engineers.

ArXivLabs is a framework that allows collaborators to develop and share new arXiv features directly on our website. Below is a fully reproducible example with a public dataset. Pd.melt() is a handy way to reformat into a longform dataframe that plays well with plotly express. So, behind the scenes eli5 has calculated a baseline score with no shuffling. This score is used to calculate a delta, so each ‘result’ in the array is baseline – score.

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These tools are open for anyone to use; all you need is an Ethereum address and some Ether . These tools span a range of uses that let users trade crypto-tokens, take out a loan, cast a vote, and even sell art. Since these tools follow a set of standards, users can combine operations across different protocols. For example, you can build a chain of transactions where you borrow money, make a profitable trade, and repay the loan — all instantaneously. Solar panels are a good way to make clean energy because the sun sends a lot of sunshine to the planet every single day, even when it’s cloudy. In fact, trillions and trillions of photons leave the sun every second!

To use a headless CMS, you first need to create your content in the back-end system. This can be done using a variety of methods, such as a What You See Is What You Get editor, markdown, or even directly via the API. Once your content is created, it is then stored in the cloud-based database. The content repository, known as the “body”, is decoupled from the “head”, also known as the presentation layer. A headless CMS stores your content in a cloud-based database.

Such I/O-bound applications use non-blocking calls to accomplish more work with their otherwise idle CPU cycles. This is the key difference between the synchronous bagger and the asynchronous bagger . His point was, of course, that if you have a good enough understanding of something, you should be able to break it down in simple enough terms for a young child to comprehend properly. He also wanted to get the point across that a person can still explain a complex subject without using complicated words. Palmetto Solar, LLC (“Palmetto”) makes every attempt to ensure that the information contained in this website has been obtained from reliable sources.

  • A solar panel is a device that turns sunshine into electricity.
  • Eli5 is a very useful library that helps us debug classifiers and explain their predictions.
  • Go ahead and try to inspect and debug the machine learning models that make you ponder over the outcomes.
  • As any teacher knows, kids need concepts explained in easy-to-understand ways without complex vocabulary words and confusing terms.
  • Explain like I’m 5 comes from the popular concept that if you really know something well, you can explain it simply, so a five year old can understand.

To help them move to the next level, we’ve designed and built the interface for them with custom code, and connected it with a headless CMS for them to control, edit, remove, and organize content. Also, by separating the content from the interface, it is possible to distribute the content to different interfaces (e.g. smart watch application, mobile application, or an information kiosk). Read more about how much is 1eth here. This becomes more relevant as businesses spread their messaging in different platforms and devices. A headless CMS is built solely to handle content, in constrast with the traditional CMS which offered capabilities beyond what it was meant to do . A new breed of CMS called “headless CMS” came into place to combine the advantages of writing code with some capabilities of the initially described CMS, which we’ll refer to as “traditional CMS”. 1 When I was younger, I had two similar stuffed dinosaurs that I named Cindy and Cindy because of my long held belief that twins were given the same name. My sisters said I even named my Barbies the same thing until they explained to me that twins, although they may look similar, are usually given their own names.

Is there a topic you don’t understand and would like explained in the simplest way? Here’s what it means, and how to use it to get a helpful explanation. Thanks to @lewtun, @lhoestq, @mariamabarham, @thomwolf, @yjernite for adding this dataset. The dataset was initially created by Angela Fan, Ethan Perez, Yacine Jernite, Jason Weston, Michael Auli, and David Grangier, during work done at Facebook AI Research . Inverting of HashingVectorizer is now supported inside FeatureUnion via eli5.sklearn.unhashing.invert_hashing_and_fit. Permutation importance method can be used to compute feature importances for black box estimators. Different team members can collaborate to create pages and edit content in real-time. To do so, the interface is built independently from the CMS, which only acts as a source of content.
ERC-223 is an Ethereum token standard that is powered by smart contracts that enable users to securely tran… Repair miners are a proposed type of mining node within the Filecoin network. Get the latest news in solar, climate change, and sustainable living delivered right to your inbox every month. Please feel free to contact us at We appreciate and value your feedbacks.

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This content can then be accessed through an Application Programming Interface , which can be used to render the content on any type of device or platform. With a traditional CMS, all of the elements are in one place, including HTML, CSS, text, images, etc. It uses web frameworks to organize website content and connect the front end with the back end. Traditional CMSs, also known as “coupled” CMSs, first started in the early days of development. They’re represented by popular platforms such as WordPress and Drupal as a way to store and display various types of content, such as text and images. A Content Management System is a software application or set of related programs used to create and manage digital content. For years, the focus has been on traditional CMSs like WordPress or Drupal. However, many back and front-end developers are turning toward a more modern solution, headless CMS. Now that we have the processed image and the Keras model let’s check the top 20 labels the model predicted. Predictions have been made, now it’s time for model evaluation.

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